Monthly Archives: April 2016

Day One 2: The Future Looks Bright

I’ve done almost a complete turnaround since my review four months ago. Although I still feel justified for my comments at the time, Day One 2 has been improving at a very quick pace.  Besides the App Store updates themselves, I was lucky enough to get on the TestFlight beta for the iPhone app, which has been a great experience.  I now have a channel to report bugs and issues, with some great back and forth about some of them.  Most of these have been rapidly fixed.  Pretty much every complaint in my original article has been fixed or improved.  Only one that’s about the same is that map tab, which I still have no personal use for, but I guess some people do.  No big deal.

Since the review, however, there have been some incredible new features.  Most notable is IFTTT integration.  This has eliminated my need for sifttter, and I now get my Untappd checkins in almost real time, as opposed to one summary at the end of the day.  This also opens up some other fun possibilities, since even if there isn’t a channel for what you want to get into Day One, if you can get an RSS feed, you’re set.  I did this with Letterboxd, so I can get an entry for when I’ve seen a movie.  I won’t talk about other features that aren’t released yet, though they’ve talked about them.  And they are awesome.

I’m really happy to be back on Day One and from my personal experiences so far, its future looks really bright.  I think it’s a great time to give it another chance if you’d had problems in the past.