Day One 2

I have a very rocky past with Day One.  I always wanted to love it, partly because everyone else seems to and I figure I must be missing something, yet I always found the app littered with bugs and issues that at best very slowly got fixed.  And even worse, support staff always seemed to indicate me that they’d never seen any issue I experienced; my situation was unique.  Yet interestingly, I’d see the same thing in app reviews in the App Store. So either their support staff had terrible memories or their logging system needs to be replaced.  In the end, I frustratingly stopped using Day One and switched to Momento.

This week the oddly-named Day One 2 was released.  I was hopeful, but ultimately disappointed.  I hope to see some of these issues addressed in app updates, but I’m not hopeful.  Keep in mind that this is only for the iPhone app.  The only real use for the Mac app I have is the scripting to get my Untappd checkins into Day One.

In v1, I always had it set to default to my timeline.  I like that that’s now the standard view.  But, now half the screen is wasted with two enormous buttons; one to add a photo and one to add an entry.  Do they really need to be so large?  Afterall, there’s a perfectly nice journal-colored + button at the bottom, which is conveniently where your finger is from unlocking with Touch ID anyway.  Hopefully those two buttons will be major shrunk or optionally eliminated in favor of seeing more of your timeline.

I’m really in favor of the new way of only showing the date once at the right edge of the timeline.  I find it makes it more readable for showing each day.  But what time was each entry made?  It would totally make sense to have the time at the right edge where the date would be, where it was in v1, but they instead jammed it into the line with the tags, weather, location, etc.  It now gets lost.

One of my favorite things about v1 was how each entry would show you a small map at the bottom if you had a location added.  And it was interactive after tapping on it to open it in a full view, allowing you to zoom in and out and scroll.  Now for some reason you need to tap the bottom of the entry to open a modal “info” window which contains the map.  To make it worse, not only is the map not interactive at all, but it’s zoomed way far out.  See the v1 and v2 comparisons of the same entry.

 v1.jpg  v2.jpg

But the fun continues.  If you tap on the map, you get three choices: Open in Day One Map, Open in Apple Maps, and Open in Google Maps.  Always one to prefer to stay in the current app, I would choose to open in Day One map.  Big mistake.  This is what I get:


I still have absolutely no idea what I’m supposed to make of this.

Otherwise, I guess it’s a nice update.  The thing most people seem to be pissed off about is the changing in syncing to only Day One’s own sync server.  I understand their reasoning for it, since I myself experienced data loss and such.  This doesn’t really bother me that much.  But still, I really think they should have just gotten Dropbox and/or iCloud syncing working reliably.  Everyone else seems to be able to.  I could report these issues to Day One support, but from past experience, I’m afraid it would lead to a lot of back and forth of emails, to finally be told that no one else is experiencing said issue and that’s that.  Or maybe I’ll see some of these issues addressed in updates.  We can hope.  I still want to love it.

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