Paulaner NYC

I went last night to the recently-opened Paulaner NYC.  It was excellent.  They serve both Paulaner beer and Bavarian cuisine.  All I had was the beer, but will definitely come back for both food and more beer. Though as a vegetarian, I rarely get excited over German food.  Bacon wrapped in bacon with a side of bacon just doesn’t appeal to me.

Besides being set up beautifully, the four beers they offer on tap are brewed right at the establishment.  Besides being super fresh, this also means that they use some local ingredients.  For example, the Munich Pale Ale was brewed like an IPA, including American-grown Amarillo hops.  And it was delicious.  The Hefeweizen tasted better than ever, probably because it was so fresh. 

All in all a great experience and highly recommended.  Beer, service, and atmosphere were all excellent.  And if you get there before 6pm for the 2-for-1 beer special, the prices are as well.  I will be back.


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