Monthly Archives: June 2014

Spiegelau / Dogfish Head / Sierra Nevada IPA Glass

For my recent birthday, my wife bought me a set of the Spiegelau IPA glasses.  Yes, they’re a little weird-looking with their ribbed-for-someone’s-pleasure base, but I can definitely say these glasses are a total winner for IPAs.  Where you might not notice much of a difference at first, where they really shine is that they keep the IPA’s “IPA-ness” throughout the entire beer.  Where I’ve noticed that sometimes the flavors and texture of IPAs in standard pint glasses can get kind of weak and watery by the end, everything that you love about an IPA really persists through the end.  I can only guess that the ribbed base sort of aerates the beer to keep the hop flavors and aromas alive.  And the glass also turns out to be quite comfortable to hold, partly because of the shape and partly because the glass is actually thinner and lighter overall, yet Spiegelau claims they’re quite strong.  Total win in every respect. Highly recommend and wife-approved.