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My Top Five American IPAs

No Double IPAs, and in no particular order. Subject to change at any time.


Bell’s Brewery

Thanksgiving weekend I was in upstate NY visiting family and picked up a 6-pack of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale on the way to the train back into the city.  I was very excited since I’d never tried anything from Bell’s. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure this particular 6-pack was bad. I had nothing to base this on, but knowing what I’ve heard about the Two Hearted, it should have been a pretty intense IPA.  These particular bottles tasted like a bland pale ale.  Something was wrong.  I contacted Bell’s about this, giving them the batch number and everything.  Though there’s no legal way they could mail me more beer, a box arrived at my apartment last night, along with a very nice note. Very classy, Bell’s.


Bell's Swag