Is Untappd Killing Craft Beer Culture?

Interesting post on Macdrifter today.  My thoughts are pretty much inline with Gabe’s, though I tend to be a little more open with things such as Untappd. Plus my views are often skewed since I live in NYC. I think it can be summed up pretty quickly.

1. Learn to use your favorite twitter client’s mute filters.  I did it years ago with friends’ foursquare checkins and twitter is a much happier place for me. As for facebook, it’s mostly people in need of validation, so the issue there is much larger than Untappd checkins.

2. The friends that are being mentioned are probably the same people you see out to dinner with their friends, phone on table, having to acknowledge everything that comes in. Put it in your pocket and be with your friends.  Anything that comes in on your phone, unless it’s something obviously important like having to do with your kids at home, can wait. You can check in your beers and/or rate them when you go to the bathroom or when there’s a part of a conversation that doesn’t have to do with you.  Don’t be a dick.

I like Untappd and check in pretty much every beer I drink.  It’s a nice way to track the beers I’ve had and my friends can see what I’m drinking. I only accept friends on Untappd who are REALLY my friends, or breweries or bars I like. So it’s not a contest, just a nice way to see what your friends are drinking and vice versa. I use Tappd That for checkins and personal tracking, so I don’t even see what others are drinking unless I open the official Untappd app. And that’s just when I’m alone, like sitting on the toilet.


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