Monthly Archives: April 2013

Gypsy Brewing and Competition

Interesting post by Gabe at Macdrifter this morning.  This is something I pay attention to a lot, and am in complete agreement.  Fortunately, it seems that the latter is much more common, that the attitude between breweries (and even beer bars) is very friendly.  I love seeing all the collaborations between micro breweries, and not just the bigger ones like Dogfish Head and Stone. Dogfish Head did a fantastic collaboration with the Maui Brewing Company that I was fortunate to be able to have on tap at the Maui Brewing pub last year.  And some of the micro breweries even give out their yeast to home brewers.  And as for the beer bars, they also seem to have very friendly relations, at least around NYC.

As in interesting side, Jeppe of Evil Twin Brewing, one of the better-known gypsy brewers, moved to Brooklyn, NY, last year and just recently opened Tørst, which I am very excited to go to, though I fear my liver and I will go broke.

Back to beer db image editors for iOS

I finally found an image editor for iOS that does everything I need for my beer db artwork: ArtStudio.  I previously did not like this app very much, but it’s really evolved to be able to do everything I need.  Here are my criteria:

  • Crop
  • Change canvas size
  • Eye dropper tool to sample color
  • Bucket tool to fill in color

For some reason it’s been very difficult to find all of this in one app, but ArtStudio does it.  The hardest feature to find is the canvas resize.  Maybe that’s not important to most people since I don’t even see it in the feature list on the developer’s web site.