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Top of the Hops Northeast Round 1 results in


My three adamant predictions were correct.  The DFH 60 Minute and Smuttynose both won 5-2.  The Founders Centennial 6-1!  My other two Northeast predicted winners, Sixpoint Bengali Tiger and Bluepoint Hoptical Illusion, each lost 4-3.  Close, but neither of which I’m surprised about.  I have never had the Sixpoint’s opponent, Lakefront IPA, but I think the Sixpoint would have done much better had it been on tap.  As for the Schmaltz and Blue Point, I have no love for either, so fine.


Top of the Hops

Now this looks really fun, and quite well-covered.  I do have some predictions of winners.  Of course I haven’t had every beer here, but I HAVE had a decent amount of them.  You can partially blame markets for that, since I can’t get all of them here in NY.

Extremely subjective predictions for the first round:

  • Based on the two Ninkasi IPAs I had, neither of which was the Total Domination, I’ll predict that Fort Collins Rocky Mountain IPA will win.  I simply found Ninkasi’s Maiden The Shade and Tricerahops very underwhelming.  This prediction is a wild guess since I’d have neither of the contestants.
  • Great Divide’s Titan IPA will beat Full Sail’s.  No contest.
  • Maui Big Swell will be Boulevard’s Single-Wide.  I’ve never had Boulevard, but the Big Swell is fantastic.  It has to win.
  • Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo will beat Anderson Valley’s Hop Ottin’.  Torpedo is great, but interesting since it’s an “Extra” IPA.
  • Russian River’s Blind Pig will be Anchor’s Liberty.
  • The hardest one here is the Sculpin vs. Racer 5.  I love both, but I’ll predict the Racer 5 wins. The Sculpin is more understated, and I think the Racer 5 will come out on top for being more satisfying.
  • I love the Green Flash West Coast IPA, but the chart cuts off at the bottom so I can’t see what it’s up against.  I’ll still predict Green Flash since it’s hard to beat. Update: West Coast IPA is going up against the Uinta Hop Notch.  The Hop Notch is very good, but I stand by my prediction.  Green Flash should have no problem taking this one.
  • The Smuttynose will kick Brooklyn’s ass all the way back to Utica.
  • Dogfish Head 60 Minute against Harpoon?  Are you kidding me?  No contest.  Point: Dogfish Head.
  • Same for Founders Centennial vs. Peak.  Founders Centennial is awesome and no way Peak could beat it.
  • I’m not a big fan of Blue Point, but I think they’ll beat Schmaltz.  The Schmaltz tasted more like a lager to me.
  • I’ve never had Lakefront, but Sixpoint’s Bengali Tiger is so good it should beat it.  I’m only worried for Sixpoint in that the Bengali Tiger from the can is just not as good as on tap.
  • I’ve never heard of the Straight to Ale Monkeynaut, but Cigar City’s Jai Alai is so damn good that I’ll predict it wins.


So there are my extremely subjective predictions for the first round.  I wish we could see the bottom of the chart.

West Coast vs. East Coast lines blurring

There seems to be a trend going on that I love.  I heard fairly recently that Sierra Nevada was opening a brewery in North Carolina, and now Green Flash is doing the same in Virginia Beach. I love this trend of breweries opening on the opposite coast.  Not only could this mean their getting into markets where they were previously unavailable, but that the beers that we already know and love will be fresher than ever.  Everybody wins.

Looking forward to seeing just how much better the West Coast IPA and Hop Head Red can actually be.  Maybe even Le Freak?