Goose Island Distribution

Unless I’ve been living in a cave (I call it Brooklyn), I’m really starting to see the effects of InBev on Goose Island.  Last night I was in a decent bar with a few really good beer options.  I didn’t find it unusual to find Goose Island, but what I DID find unusual was that it was Matilda.  Usually it would be the IPA or Honker’s.  A fairly ordinary bar having Matilda on tap definitely made me think.  I had the Arrogant Bastard.

Today, while out to get lunch, I walked by a bar where after-work events are usually held.  I really don’t like this place.  Crappy atmosphere and equally crappy beer selection.  This place always has a sign outside with lunch specials and such, I think usually having the Budweiser logo on it.  Today I noticed the sign had a huge Goose Island 312 logo along the bottom.

As torn as I am about the whole Evil Empire thing buying up Goose Island, in the end I guess if the quality of their beer isn’t affected, it will give me a much better choice than the usual in places like that.  That could be a good thing.


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