Image editing apps for beer database records

I like to have 1:1 icons of beer labels in the record index for my beer database.  Beer labels are not always easy to find, but there are some iPhone apps that I use to make it easier.  Please note that I do not use an iPad.  They’re great devices, but I simply have no place for one in my life.

Google – The Google app is so far the best image search app I know of.  It shows the dimensions of the images, but unfortunately does not show the file size.  I try to keep that to a minimum.  More on that later.

Photogene2 – I’ve been using this one for a while, now, mostly for cropping downloaded images to a 1:1 ratio.  Lately, though, I’ve realized that I want more to edit canvas size as opposed to image size.  Photogene can’t do that, at least as far as I can tell.

Filterstorm – In my search for apps that could edit canvas size, Filterstorm is the best I found.  I didn’t need full-blown image editors, just something to simply change canvas size to add bars to either side to get the most out of the image.  Filterstorm can do that.  It seems the main reason for this is for people putting images on Instagram, which I don’t use. Filterstorm’s UI is pretty good. Besides cropping, the only two functions I tend to use are either “Make Square”, which will simply add white bars to make the image a 1:1 ratio. This is great, but sometimes I don’t want the bars to be white.  The “Canvas Size” tool will let you change the canvas size and specify what color you want for the background, so to get the same effect as Make Square, but with black bars, I make the dimensions equal and change the color to black. Only function that I think is sorely missing here is the eyedropper tool so I can pick any color I want from the image I’m editing.  I’ve suggested it to the developer.  Another function I can’t seem to do here is change the resolution to shrink the image size since I’m only using a tiny version anyway.  I’ve been going back to Photogene once I’ve saved the image to the Library from Filterstorm.  It’s also neat that you can open an image from the clipboard.

Then I just pull the image into HanDBase from the Library. It’s all become pretty fluid, even if it sounds convoluted. Of course I’d love one app to do it all.


Beer List

Beer List


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