Craftie Beer App

Speaking of using Kickstarter to fund beer app development, this looks interesting. I’ll fund your project, but please don’t ever call me a “Craftie”.


6 thoughts on “Craftie Beer App

    1. Brian Hamlett

      Thanks Ken! By the way… we have been trying to do some research. What’s your preferred name for a “craft beer enthusiast”?

      Do you care for any of the ones out there? (ie. Beer geek, Beer nerd, Beer snob, Beer connoisseur, etc.)

  1. Ken Post author

    I tend to use “beer geek”, but don’t really care that much. It’s really all about having fun and drinking good beer, I guess. In that case, I guess I should have kept my mouth shut about “Craftie”. :)

    1. Brian Hamlett

      Ha! Nah! Totally agree that it’s all about the beer!

      In terms of a “name,” everyone has their own taste and some others have mentioned that they wouldn’t call themselves a “Craftie” (as well as not being called a Beer Geek, Snob, Nerd, etc.,) but in the end… we just want them to use the Craftie beer app! ;)


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