iPhone beer apps I DO use

As a followup to the post about the general suckage of iPhone beer apps, out of the two folders of beer apps I have, here’s what I do actually use.

Untappd / iTappd for checking in beers to Untappd. Which one of the two I use depends on my patience, functionality needs, and whether I’m on wifi or not.

BeerMenus to check for what beers are currently on tap at bars I like. Just the web site saved to the home screen. Works better than the Untappd “native” app.

BeerBuddy as a reference guide. The only part of the app I ever seem to use is the Search By Name function. Results come from ratebeer, in a proper iOS app. Awesome.

Beer Match for food/beer pairing. Good info, but awful interface. The organization of the food list is a joke.

That’s it. If anyone reads this, I’d love to know what you do and do not use, and why.


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