Monthly Archives: March 2012

Beer Social Networking

Damn I’ve really slacked on this blog.  I suck.

So though I tend to dislike social networking (I hate facebook and tend to avoid it), I find beer social networking fun. I really enjoy Untappd and have no interest in moving to another.  But the “native” iPhone app is a frustrating experience.  It’s a web app (HTML5) masquerading a native app.  I give the developers a lot of credit for making it native to iOS, but it’s still such a poor experience.  More often than not, especially with weak cell signals (thanks, AT&T), I use the truly native iTappd app.

My big wish: Untappd and Brewski Me would team up.  Untappd has the network and Brewski Me has a great native iOS app.  The two together would be fantastic.

Or: someone with iOS development experience and a love for beer, PLEASE consider making a really good 3rd party app for iOS.  Untappd’s APIs look pretty comprehensive.