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Dogfish Dash 2011

We went back down to the Dogfish Dash this year since NASCAR wasn’t in Dover.  Their traffic on the way back last year cost us about two hours in driving time, and caused tons of stress, thinking we wouldn’t get the rental car back to Brooklyn before Hertz closed.  We made it by literally five minutes.

This year was quite a beer weekend.  The number pickup for the race is at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in Rehoboth Beach.  Great place to find Dogfish Head beers you’ll rarely find anywhere else.  The one beer I was looking forward to, the 120 Minute IPA, ran out the night before on tap, and that day in bottles.  Amazing how much in demand it’s become.  I remember just walking into a store and buying it like any other beer.  I guess it’s a testament to how the craft beer movement has exploded.  First beer I had while waiting for a table was the 75 Minute IPA on cask.  I had it when they first released it a couple of years ago, but wasn’t thrilled with it, finding it too sweet.  This time I loved it.  All the tastes really mellowed out and blended well.  Christina had the Repoterroir, which is listed as a lager, but had lots of interesting flavors going on.  Normally I hate lagers, but I liked this one. My second beer was an Indian Brown Ale, which I really like, but wanted to have it right there at the source.  Very good as always.  Christina’s second was the Black & Red, which she loved.  Apparently people have a love/hate thing with it.  I really liked it too.  After dinner I had another 75, since it was so delicious.

Next morning I think I had a bit of a hangover, as my stomach was feeling really weird before and during the 5k.  Still, I came in 10th overall (out of 838) and 4th in my age group.  I love smaller races.  At 9am the beer started flowing.  Two tents, each with three beers.  One had the 60 Minute IPA, My Antonia, and Lawnmower.  The other had the 60 Minute IPA, Indian Brown, and Punkin.  The line for the first round was pretty quick, but after that they were out of control and after one more beer we went to the awards ceremony and then took off.  Last year there weren’t really any beer lines.  I hope they’ll fix that for next year.

Before heading back home, I had an Evolution Lot #3 IPA with lunch.  Very disappointing.  Just pretty bland and boring.  It’s well-liked on BA, so maybe the place’s tap lines were dirty.  It was a sports bar.

To bring home, since they had no more 120, I got some of their secret stash of two year-old Burton Baton.  I remember loving that when I had it on tap a couple of years ago, so aged a bit must be great.  Looking forward to trying one of those soon, but I think they’ll be for special occasions.

Untappd went native

Finally, there’s a native iPhone (and Android) Untappd app.  I’ve been using the too-basic iTappd or the slow Untappd web app.  The new native app works very much like the web app, but doesn’t need to reload every time you open it.  I guess it’s the framework they used, but it behaves pretty oddly.  But in the end, who cares.  It’s a native app that gives me access to everything.