Monthly Archives: July 2011

I Believe in IPA! badge on Untappd

I am the proud new owner of Hoptopia‘s  I Believe in IPA! badge on Untapped.  I had to have three IPAs off their list.


1. 21st Amendment Hop Crisis.  This was from a can.  I had this one on tap years ago at The Gate at a 21A event there.  It was fantastic.  Just an awesome Double IPA.  The cans I’ve been having of it I am not loving as much.  Tastes very different than I remember, unless my tastes have change.  A lot more boozy than I remember.

2. Green Flash Le Freak.  I’ve been becoming a huge fan of Green Flash lately.  Pretty much everything I’ve had from them has been excellent.  First time I had the Le Freak was on cask at Beer Table, probably four or five years ago.  It kicked my ass.  Very strong, but very delicious.  They describe it was a cross between an IPA and a Belgian ale.  Sounds about right. This time I had it on tap at my new favorite bar, The Double Windsor.

3. Southern Tier 2XIPA.  I have mixed feelings about Southern Tier.  I found their IPA boring the one time I had it, and haven’t been thrilled about their heavier IPAs.  Their Gemini, however, a blend of two of their heavier IPAs, is one of my absolute favorite beers.  Last night was the first time I tried the 2XIPA.  It’s very good, but didn’t quite taste like a double IPA.  My feelings were justified when I looked at their site and they said just that, sort of in between an IPA and a double IPA.  Sounds about right, though I’ve had IPAs stronger than this, at lower ABVs.  2XIPA is 8.2%.

I’m having fun with the badges on Untappd.  It’s not that I’m badge chasing, it’s that it’s forcing me to try new beers I haven’t had before.  That’s fun.