If anyone actually reads this blog (I’m pretty convinced no one does), I use Untappd, social networking for beer.  Great web app for iPhone, but slow.  I tend to use the iTappd native iPhone app.  I switched over from Beerby because Untappd seems better supported by breweries, and its badges are a lot more fun, if making me feel like a lush.  So far I still have no contacts at all on it, so please join me there.  My username is ken_w .


3 thoughts on “Untappd

  1. G-LO

    I use Untappd whenever I remember that I’m a member. Pretty silly overall, but also good fun. Like you said, the badges are kinda cool!


    1. Ken Post author

      Hah. It also serves another purpose for me. I keep a beer database in HanDBase on my iPhone and logging the beers I try into Untappd when I’m out makes for good quick reference for entering them into the database after the fact.

      And thanks for reading! It’s nice to know people do. :-)


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