Sixpoint Gemini

The Gate had a Sixpoint Can Brunch on Sunday, with $2 cans (the web site is incorrect on price) and bagels.  Who cares about the bagels, I said, they have the Gemini on tap!  Their Bengali Tiger has long been one of my absolutely favorite beers, and the Gemini is a double Bengali Tiger.  Perfect.  I don’t think I’ve had it since the first time I tried it, at another Sixpoint event at Pacific Standard in 2008.  I loved it then and love it even more now.  So delicious, I could drink it all day.  Only downside is its 10.6% ABV.  They also had the Sixpoint Mad Scientist #4 (listed as #20 on the site), part of a series of experimental beers.  This one was a hibiscus ale.  It was interesting, but I only tasted it since it’s very rare that I find the Gemini.

People are so excited about the new Sixpoint cans, that they were drinking the $2 specials all over the bar.  I could not understand this.  Sure, it’s great and makes Sixpoint portable, but come on.  They had some fantastic rare beers on tap, and people would rather save $.50 per can compared to the store than have some amazing rarities on tap?  Oh well, different strokes.  And more Gemini for me.


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