Monthly Archives: June 2011

Stone IPA

I never had a very high opinion of Stone‘s “regular” beers, but always liked their bigger ones, like the Ruination and Arrogant Bastard. I always found their regular IPA boring. Fast forward to now, where I finally decided to give their IPA another chance, mostly because my local grocery store was out of the Racer 5. Glad I did. Maybe last time I had the Stone IPA it was a bad or dirty tap, but from the bottle it was really great. No Racer 5 for me, but I’m really looking forward to having more of the Stone. And it will teach me to not trust a strange tap. :)

Anyone know of a list out there of NYC bars who are really good about cleaning their tap lines?

How I log beers

I love to log stuff in databases. Partly because my memory has gotten worse as I’ve gotten older, and partly because I love to simply organize information. My main database is HanDBase on my iPhone. It’s an amazingly powerful yet affordable mobile database for most mobile OSs. Besides the obvious beer database, the two other big ones I keep are a log of my races (I’m a runner – plus runners tend to love beer) and a list of the live bands I’ve seen. This is a sample record from my beer database:



I designed this form myself.  The background image is from a pic I took of a huge wooden fermenting tank at the Dogfish Head brewery.  I’m still unsure about the IBU field since I’ve learned more and more how you really can’t tell that much from it. One of my favorite beers is Oskar Blues Gordon (G’Knight), a huge Double IPA and only 60 IBU. Go figure.  The Rating field goes from “Love it” to “Swill”.

Anyway, I’m quite happy with the setup. If anyone uses HanDBase or plans to, I’d be happy to share the beer database.  They’re conveniently sharable via email.


If anyone actually reads this blog (I’m pretty convinced no one does), I use Untappd, social networking for beer.  Great web app for iPhone, but slow.  I tend to use the iTappd native iPhone app.  I switched over from Beerby because Untappd seems better supported by breweries, and its badges are a lot more fun, if making me feel like a lush.  So far I still have no contacts at all on it, so please join me there.  My username is ken_w .

Sixpoint Gemini

The Gate had a Sixpoint Can Brunch on Sunday, with $2 cans (the web site is incorrect on price) and bagels.  Who cares about the bagels, I said, they have the Gemini on tap!  Their Bengali Tiger has long been one of my absolutely favorite beers, and the Gemini is a double Bengali Tiger.  Perfect.  I don’t think I’ve had it since the first time I tried it, at another Sixpoint event at Pacific Standard in 2008.  I loved it then and love it even more now.  So delicious, I could drink it all day.  Only downside is its 10.6% ABV.  They also had the Sixpoint Mad Scientist #4 (listed as #20 on the site), part of a series of experimental beers.  This one was a hibiscus ale.  It was interesting, but I only tasted it since it’s very rare that I find the Gemini.

People are so excited about the new Sixpoint cans, that they were drinking the $2 specials all over the bar.  I could not understand this.  Sure, it’s great and makes Sixpoint portable, but come on.  They had some fantastic rare beers on tap, and people would rather save $.50 per can compared to the store than have some amazing rarities on tap?  Oh well, different strokes.  And more Gemini for me.