Monthly Archives: April 2011

Oskar Blues night at The Gate

Last night was an Oskar Blues event at The Gate in Park Slope. I love Oskar Blues and was excited to try some beers of theirs that I’ve never had before, namely some Double IPAs.

I tried to go from light to heavy, so as not to have any of them overpower the next. First was the Mama’s Little Yella Pils on cask, at 5.3% ABV. I’d had it before from the can and liked it, but was interested to try it on cask. It was good. It would be a great summer beer, but not my thing for a regular beer. Onto the Double IPAs. First was the Deviant Dale’s IPA at 7.1% ABV, pretty light for a Double IPA. The Deviant Dale’s was very good, but a little too grapefruity for my taste. Not as much as the Gubna, but still a bit much. Next was the one I was really waiting for, the One Hit Wonder at 9%. This one was thick and delicious. Pretty tropical-tasting. I liked my pint so much that I had another half pint since I knew I’ll probably never see it again.

Great selection last night. The G’Knight, previously Gordon, is still my favorite from Oskar Blues. It was also the beer that first turned me onto Double IPAs. I wanted to chat with someone from the brewery, but the only one with a brewery shirt on seemed more interested in the game on TV and one table of people it seemed like he knew. Christina aptly said, “He’s not your guy.” Oh well. Great beer.