Archaeology of Beers: Tastings of Ancient Ales

C and I went to this fantastic event on Friday night, held at the China Institute.  It was the second of a two-part lecture series called Archaeology of Beers: Tastings of Ancient Ales, a collaboration between Sam Calagione from Dogfish Head and Dr. Patrick McGovern, a molecular archaeologist from the University of Pennsylvania.  This lecture was hosted by Dr. McGovern.  While learning of the discoveries of ancient beers, mostly via evidence from clay pots, we sampled (well more than sampled – each small row got its own bomber bottle of beer, and then the rep from Dogfish Head came by topping us off; read: drunk) four different Dogfish Head beers: Midas TouchChateau JiahuTheobroma, and Sah’tea.  All these beers were either 9% or 10% ABV.  It was interesting to hear how they came to this percentage.  Since most of these ancient ales were a sort of hybrid of wine and beer, they figured on an alcohol percentage somewhere in between the two.  C and I had already tried the Chateau Jiahu, but appreciated it much more in this context.  Midas Touch is a year-round brew, once which I’d never tried before.  Very good.  I’ll be picking up more of this.

Overall, a very fun and educational event.  I hope to do more like this.


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