Gluten, Sweet Gluten

I had to do 10 days of a gluten-free diet. Harder than I thought.  I failed my first day by having a sandwich and a couple of beers, totally by mistake.

During this week, I decided to try some gluten-free beer.  The only ones I knew of that were supposed to be good were from Green’s, a Belgian brewery specializing in gluten-free beers.  I tried two; Discovery, an amber ale, and Endeavour, a “Dubbel Dark Ale”. Both were, in a word, bad.  It’s hard to describe them, other than tasting all kinds of wrong.  I guess wheat and barley really do make the beer, though of course I love the hops.  It seems what they use in place of wheat and barley are buckwheat and sorghum, as well as some rice. The Dubbel reminded me of sour beers, which I’m not a fan of, at least yet.  It might appeal to those who enjoy those.  MIGHT.

In the end, it thankfully appears that I do not have any problem with gluten.  Light at the end of the tunnel was a Bear Republic Racer 5 in my fridge, which I’m very much enjoying now.  Good to see you again, my friend.


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