Monthly Archives: November 2010

Big IPA Night at The Gate

I went to the Big IPA night at The Gate recently. I love big IPAs; really hoppy, really malty, etc. The first one I had was the Avery Maharaja 2008, at 10.54% ABV. It was very thick and cloudy, but I really liked it. Joel arrived and ordered the same, but his was quite different. Better. After talking to the bartender we realized that I must have gotten the very beginning of the keg or something, so Joel’s thinner and clearer one was how it should have been, and it was awesome. Next I had the Founders Devil Dancer, which was actually listed as a Triple IPA, which made sense at 12% ABV. It was very good, but to me not as good as the Maharaja. The beer we both really wanted to try was the Smuttynose Clubbed Seal, on gravity keg. Unfortunately they had just tapped it and needed to settle down and wasn’t ready to be poured. We were given a little taste, and got excited. We had to wait until the next day to really try it, though.

Next day we did indeed return for the Clubbed Seal. It was very good. I really do need, though, to take better notes to recall more details on what I think of stuff. After that I had a Southern Tier Iniquity, a black Double IPA. Very good. I don’t think any Southern Tier will ever top their Gemini for me, though.