Sixpoint Event at Rattle N Hum

Last Tuesday night, I met John and Joel at Rattle N Hum for a Sixpoint event. Lots of great and interesting beers, and quite well-deserved after an extremely hot 6.85-mile run home from work.

I realized after my first beer that I should have gotten a couple of flights, instead of pints. This would have allowed me to try even more beer. But anyway, the first beer I had was a pint of the Signal IPA (nothing on Beer Advocate, where I usually link to). This was a good one, but I didn’t love it. Pretty light for an IPA. Nowhere near as good to me as their Bengali Tiger. Next I had a flight, which is four four-oz. tasting cups in wooden holder. I had the Apollo Saison, Autobahn IPA, Aberdeen Cask with Nugget, and the Old Krusher Barleywine. I love their regular Apollo Wheat, so I had to try the Saison; I wasn’t aware that Sixpoint had done a saison. It was very nice, though not as nice to me as the Saison Dupont or Goose Island Sofie. The Autobahn I had been looking forward to trying for a long time, so I was very excited for this one. It was very nice, but again not as nice to me as the Bengali Tiger. Not as malty and hoppy, which for me the Bengali Tiger has a perfect balance. The Aberdeen was by far my least favorite. Joel loved it, but I just found it way too peaty. I don’t like my scotches peaty either. The Old Krusher was a great Barleywine, at 10.4% ABV.  Glad I had only a four-oz. tast of that one. Last I had was a pint of the Autobahn IPA to finish off the night. Good stuff.

This now makes 32 Sixpoints I’ve had.  They’re definitely prolific.


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