Grimbergen Blonde and friends

The other night, my friend Kees very kindly helped me install my AC unit into my bedroom window. I felt really bad for both my girlfriend and my cat. I personally love the heat, though admittedly the 90+ indoor temp was a bit much. Kees helps me pretty often, and usually won’t accept anything other than good beer. So when I asked if he had any requests, he said, “Something blonde.” Since I apparently wasn’t enough blonde for him, I picked up some Grimbergen Blonde. I love this stuff. Nothing to blow you away, but just a beautiful tasty Belgian blonde ale. There didn’t end up being enough time to have any that evening, so last night, after a stressful day at work and long walk home due to a power outage along my subway line, Christina and I went down to Kees’ with the 5-pack of Grimbergen (I had one the other night). Great beer to sit around in the heat, chatting with special people…. and Moose, the awesome Burmese cat. Moose didn’t get any beer, but did get plenty of chin rubs.


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