East End Big Hop IPA

Earlier in the year I tried Pittsburgh’s East End Brewing’s Big Hop IPA and Bigger Hop Double IPA at a cask fest at the Brazen Head. Both were fantastic.

Fast forward to last week, when I was in Pittsburgh for a work conference. Knowing I’d be there, I had to find their beers on tap. I love drinking local. Even better would have been to go to the brewery, but after emailing with Scott from East End, I learned that you can only really swing by to get a growler filled. With no car and only carry-on luggage, I decided my best bet was to just find his stuff in tap near my hotel. Scott was kind enough to give me a few places that had his stuff. Fortunately, a couple were very close to my hotel and the conference center. The one we ended up going to a few times was August Henry’s, which had the Big Hop IPA on tap. It was delicious, and others who were with me who like IPAs also were very impressed. Kind of reminded me of a slightly less malty and generally mellower Sixpoint Bengali Tiger. Another place nearby, Six Penn Kitchen, had their pale ale on tap, but I never made it there.

I highly encourage anyone in Pittsburgh to check out East End’s beers.


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