Sixpoint Craft Ales

Any beer geek must have their favorite overall breweries, where their taste falls in line with most of that brewery’s beers. Sixpoint Craft Ales is one of them for me. Based in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Sixpoint has been around since 2005. I remember in 2005 the first time I had one of their beers, their Sweet Action. It was a lazy summer day, hanging around Carroll Gardens with some friends, and we stopped into Brooklyn Social for some beers. A friend told me I had to try this beer from a new brewery in Brooklyn, called Sixpoint. Skeptical, I tried it, and was very pleasantly surprised. I was told it was some sort of blonde ale, but it tasted like a hybrid of an IPA and a wheat beer. Fast forward to today, Sixpoint is hugely popular, their Bengali Tiger IPA is one of my absolute favorite beers, and I’ve now tried 26 different beers from them, many of them one-offs at different events. I pretty consistently love any beer I try from them and get really excited when I hear about a new one that I haven’t.

Sixpoint doesn’t bottle, other than the recent limited run of their fantastic Grand Crüe. Hopefully those outside of NYC will be lucky enough to find it on tap somewhere. So fortunate to have one of your favorite breweries local!


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