Dr. Klankenstein vs. The Modern

Last night, I met John and Joel at The Modern, MoMA’s restaurant. This is the only place you can find Sixpoint’s Dr. Klankenstein, their new and limited stein beer. The Modern carries Sixpoint’s beers on tap exclusively, two of which we had last night.  First was the Dr. Klankenstein. No one was terribly impressed initially. But then something interesting happened. As it warmed up, it got better and better, eventually excellent. For the third round, when we came back to this beer, Joel and I each kept ours warming between our hands, probably for about 20 minutes. Perfect. The Modern is serving this way too cold. And this fact was confirmed in a response from Sixpoint themselves, via twitter. It’s becoming more and more common that the quickest way to get a hold of people is via twitter.  Their response was, “was meant to be served as a cask beer…. the coldness and carbonation ruins the beer…” Ah hah. I’d love to try this one on cask. I highly recommend anyone in NYC get over to The Modern to try this one before it runs out, even at $9/pint. But absolutely let it warm up.

The second beer we tried was Sixpoint’s Red Tuft Ale, an ESB. Even warmed up, it was unfortunately nothing special. Can’t win ‘em all.


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