Food and Beer Pairing

This is something I’ve been getting more and more into. It’s amazing how well beer and food can compliment each other. I’ve so far been using the decent Beer Cloud iPhone app, which has a sommelier section. Could be organized better, but it works. Christina and I had two great pairings recently.

Last Friday we got pizza from the uber famous Di Fara, widely thought to be the best pizza in NYC. It was in fact damn good. We got it with porcini mushrooms. Beer Cloud suggested IPAs with pizza. Right up my alley. I chose one of my favorites, the Bear Republic Racer 5. They really did go perfectly together.

On Saturday we got some smoked bluefish at the Grand Army Plaza Farmers Market. Christina decided to make sandwiches out of it, with lettuce, tomato (I think), and this fantastic sauce she made. Beer Cloud had smoked trout listed, but not bluefish. I figured it was close enough. Picked another of my favorites, the Weihenstephaner Vitus. Another perfect pairing.


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